Battery Chargers
> Water proof with PFC battery charger
> Pulse battery charger
> Smart Battery Charger
DC-DC Converters
> DC-DC Converter 1200W
> DC-DC Converter 1000W
> DC-DC Converter 800W
> DC-DC Converter 500W
> DC-DC Converter 400W
> DC-DC Converter 300W & less
> Series Controllers
> Sep/Ex Controllers
> Permanent Magnet Controller
> Hall effect pot box 0-5V with MS
> PB-6 Type 0-5K with MS
> FP-6 Type 0-5K with MS
> Hall Effect 0-5V Type
> Golf Cart Throttle with MS
> Inductive Throttle with Sensor
> Throttle Hall 0-5V Twist Grip
> Hub Motor
> Brushlless Car Motor
> DC Motor
> Meters
> Connectors
> Solenoids/Contactors
> Brake
> Switches and sensors
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Chennic Technology Co., Ltd is known as Xinghuo Electronic Company ,which is a company specialized in EV parts for years. We engaged in producing and selling electrical system for electric vehicle.

We used to manufacture electrical system for golf cars, electric hunting buggies,sightseeing vehicles. With Electric bus and Electric car's development, we have expanded our products range we make parts for EV and we also trade some other popular parts for EV.

Now we can supply Motor,Battery Chargers, DC-DC Converters, Throttles, Motor Controllers, Battery Discharge Indicators, and Solenoids etc. Our Battery Chargers can be used for Lead-acid batteries and Lithium batteries from 12V to 680V, and output power can be from 100W to 20KW, DC-DC Converters are both isolated and no-isolated, output current various from
10A,20A,25A,30A,40A,60A to meet different EV's requirement. Throttles include PB-6 type, 0-5K Potentiometer type, 0-5V HALL effect and MAGNETIC effect series.Motor Controllers are both Series Motor controllers and Separately Exited motor controllers, including two types programmable and Non-programmable. Battery discharge indicators can be round and square style with voltage from 12V to 192V. Now our products can be widely used on golf cars, sightseeing vehicles, hunting buggies, E-Socket,Electric car, Electric bus, heavy-duty trucks,Forklift,electric yachts and other kinds of utility vehicles.

Looking on the bright future, Chennic staffs will continue to maintain the purpose of "Customer is first", will offer best quality parts with reasonable price, rapid action and best after sales service.

Chennic Technology Co.,Ltd.