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Chennic Smart Battery Charger

Chennic Smart Battery Charger
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Item : JCSC
Details :

*         Feature Overview
This JCSC series charger can charge battery with high-current and fast charging. This battery charger has a secure connection to the battery. With a load of rechargeable batteries is an additional feature.  This charger can be used to charge Lead-Acid Batteries, LiFePO4 Batteries and Ni-MH / cadmium batteries etc. This charger can be used on home, solar power systems, safety control systems, uninterruptible power systems (UPS), electric wheelchairs, electric vehicles, ships, etc.
1, aluminum alloy enclosure, surface spray treatment, original handle design;
2, Four-charging step, the whole intelligence of the batteries: Fast charge, maintenance charge, floating charge Chong Chongdian and other methods;
3, original pre-charge model to place a long time unused batteries, and depth of discharge the battery and extend battery life with the repair function;
4, the charger can be plugged into the battery;
5, three different charging status LED direct and counter-polarity protection;
6, wide range of input voltage;
7, can be installed "active power factor correction" Active PFC functions in order to comply with EU EN61000-3-2 harmonic current requirements to meet the world's attention to the norms of a gradual trend;
8,84% high efficiency;
9, light weight, small size;
10, output short circuit, overload, over voltage, over temperature, reverse polarity protection, full-featured protection;
11, charger and battery protection:
12, transformer high-voltage isolation protection;
13, 2 brushless cooling fan, automatic detection of charge current control cooling fan speed;
14, the international standard input plug (IEC320-C14);
15, Safety Certification: CE / RoHS / KC / UL / cUL / GS / CB;
16, with an emergency ON / OFF switch;
*         Charge mode:
1, in the pre-charge stage: a small battery pulse charging, the battery voltage to reach the normal values, automatically switch to constant current charging phase, (if not serve this function, reporting directly to the battery depth of discharge will be a one-time loss of high-current charging the battery! )
2, in the constant current charging stages: maximum current fast charge constant-current mode until the battery voltage trace increased, automatically switch to the constant pressure phase;
3, in the constant voltage charging phase: In order to maintain this voltage value, at this time reduced to the minimum charge current automatically switches to float Chong Chongdian stage;
4, in the floating Chong Chongdian stage: When the battery is well charged, the charger switch to from time to time to maintain floating Chong Chongdian model. In this mode, the charger can compensate for battery self-discharge losses.
*         Specifications
1, Input Voltage: 80 ~ 132Vac, or 176 ~ 264Vac 50/60Hz
2, size (L * W * H): 270 * 100 * 90mm
3, Weight: approximately equal to 1.50KG
4, Indicators: Power, charge, full, anti-polarity protection of instructions;
5, the output plugs (optional): goods suffix plug, alligator clip, XLR head, high-current connectors.
6, input plug: national plug custom
Input Voltage
Input Current
 Note: Other voltage and current is available please ask.

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