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Ultra-Quiet Complete Vacuum Assist Kit

Ultra-Quiet Complete Vacuum Assist Kit
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Item : JCUQV
Details :

High flowrate - great for larger vehicles (even busses/trucks!)
Generates vacuum over 23inHg (0.8 bar)
Operating noise level is around 40dB.
All connection hardware as shown in the photo is included such as vacuum switch, fuse, relay, wiring, hose with clamps, even oil for the muffler.

This kit includes everything you need for a vacuum assisted power brake system in an electric vehicle.  As you probably know most of the vacuum pumps are rather noisy.  This kit has been designed with oil filled muffler to make it ultra quiet.

This kit includes an ultra-quiet pump, automatic shutoff switch, relay, fuse, and tubing. 

For details please contact us, Thanks.

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